What is Turquoise Stabization?

  • According to highly regarded turquoise authorities, 85% to 90% of ALL TURQUOISE is STABILIZED. 
  • Stabilization is defined as the process of making something physically more secure or stable.
  • Turquoise is is treated with epoxy or resin under pressure to achieve the appropriate hardness for jewelry.
  • Bisbee Turquoise particularly benefits from stabilization for several reasons:

          A) Conglomerate rock (many small pieces of rock that are held together by pressure) is the host of most Bisbee Turquoise.

          B) Dynamite was used extensively in the Bisbee mine, causing a multitude of micro fissures and cracks in the ore.

          C) Heavy dump trucks used in mining were driven over much of the raw turquoise, again causing cracks and fissures.

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