Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty TurquoiseSleeping Beauty Turquoise is from Globe, Arizona.

  • It is famous for it’s sky blue color and famous for both turquoise with matrix and turquoise without matrix.
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, without matrix, has traditionally been a favorite for Zuni Inlay jewelry. This is due to it’s uniform color and clarity.
  • Sleeping Beauty is named after the mountain range where it is mined. The mountain range, seen from a distance, looks like a ladies profile.

The mine is now closed, making this a sought after variety of turquoise.

  • These particular cards are direct from the owners of the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise mine.
  • These carded nuggets are some of the last marketed pieces of turquoise as the Sleeping Beauty Mining company is liquidated.

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Business Card

Closed Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Mine Headquarters

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