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  • Rough natural authentic Morenci Turquoise – no stabilizer, no color enhancement, etc.
  • Purchased directly from the Grandson of a conveyer belt operator at the Morenci Mine in Arizona.
  • These pieces are ideal for inlay or crushing for wood working projects. Typically the pieces are too small to cab.
  • I have multiple 1.75 ounce bags of the same material with the same appearance, therefore the pictured material is closely representative of the actual bag you will receive.
Type of Turquoise
Genuine authentic Morenci Turquoise nuggets and pieces
Approximate size
Small to medium pea size
Approximate Weight
1.75 ounces or 49.6 gramsĀ 
Special Characteristics
Beautiful Morenci Blue, with minimal pyrite, host rock, and light oxidation, as pictured.
$49.95 per bag or approximately $1.00/gram