😢 SOLD – MORENCI TURQUOISE CABOCHON with Water Webbing 6 Carats


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  • Authentic, Genuine Morenci Turquoise cabochon purchased and verified directly from Trent Otteson (Turquoise Fever T.V. Show, Royston Mine owner)
  • The color is a pure Morenci blue, with a few flecks of iron pyrite. 
  • Backing provides extra strength and a flat surface for jewelry mounting
  • Morenci turquoise is famous for it’s rich blues and beautiful matrix. 
  • One stress fracture with green stain (as Pictured)
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Type of Turquoise
Genuine Morenci (stabilized) cabochon
Appx. Slab Dimensions
.78″ or 19.93 mm long x .59″ or 15.19 mm wide x .097″ or 2.47 mm thick
6 carats
Special Characteristics
Beautiful Blue Morenci color with “water webbing”