KINGMAN TURQUOISE NATURAL High Grade Specimen 105.4 Grams


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  • From the L.W. Hardy Collection
  • Turquoise Vein was mined over 40 years ago.
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Type of Turquoise
Genuine Natural High-Grade Kingman Turquoise
Nugget Dimensions
4-1/2″ long x 2-3/4″ wide Triangular Shaped
 105.4 grams
Natural or Treated
Special Characteristics
Sky blue with water webbing visible
In 1949, L.W. Hardy moved to the Globe-Miami area working initially as a butcher and later as a shovel operator for the Castle Dome mine. In his days working in the mines he became very interested in the turquoise that was found alongside the copper ore. He began to market the turquoise to the Native American Indians for use in their jewelry and in 1949 opened up a wholesale turquoise operation in the Miami area. He and wife Geraldine later moved the operation to Kingman after successfully bidding on the removal of turquoise pockets at the Kingman, Castle Dome and Sleeping Beauty mines. Kingman became known as the “Turquoise capital of the world” and L. W. Hardy earned the nickname of “Turquoise King”. In the early 1970’s Hardy Turquoise company was producing over half of the world’s supply of turquoise. His love affair with fast pitch softball led him to sponsor the “Turquoise Kings” who traveled locally and nationally playing tournaments in the early 70’s. Mr. Hardy stayed active in the turquoise business until the age of 85.

Published in The Arizona Republic on Aug. 24, 2003

Provenance: This specimen was purchased from L.W. Hardy’s Grandson in Kingman, Arizona

*Please Note: This is a specimen piece and is not suitable for cabbing or for use in jewelry. It is strictly a piece for display. It is 100% natural  and features the characteristics often found in Kingman turquoise. The white crystals are Quartz, the grey to brown material is Kaolin Clay, and the black areas are Hematite. If you wish to use this turquoise in jewelry, it would require stabilization.