Famous Western U.S. Turquoise Mines


↑ Kingman Turquoise from Northwestern Arizona.


↑ Damele Turquoise (Variscite) is from central Nevada.  It has very distinctive nodules.


↑ These are examples of real Morenci Turquoise. Note the pyrite in the matrix that looks like silver!


↑ These are examples of real Bisbee Turquoise. Note the lavender host rock from the famous Lavender Pit in Bisbee, Arizona!


↑ These are examples real Royston Turquoise. Typical green colors accompany the brown host rock.


These are examples of real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.  The natural matrix is white, according to the former owners of the mine.  They tumble the stones in black die to give the stone contrast.

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