Nacozari Turquoise from Sonora, Mexico

Nacozari Turquoise originates from a copper mine in Sonora, Mexico. The mine is just south of the Bisbee, Arizona. It is, in fact, in the same mountain range as Bisbee. 

Nacozari turquoise can be found in colors ranging from bright sky blue and deep navy blue. Nacozari is highly collectible as it has becoming harder to get, and is * not being mined anymore.

According to some sources, the mine is closed for good. The current mine owners are not interested in allowing turquoise to be retrieved from the property.

According to some turquoise authorities, 85% to 90% of all turquoise is stabilized. This means it is treated with epoxy/resin to achieve the appropriate hardness for jewelry. The Nacozari Turquoise, for sale through this website, is stabilized.


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